It is almost 30 years since we set up WORLDwrite and we are proud to have:

  • Worked directly with over 8000 young people providing life changing opportunities
  • Provided over 500 high quality work experience placements
  • Produced 18 award winning documentaries which have screened across the world from Trinidad to Toronto
  • Filmed and disseminated over 1000 educative videos and challenging programmes, viewed by over 3 million
  • Pioneered Citizen TV in the UK
  • Invented the ‘Readathon’ and ‘Views Box’
  • Created numerous creative programme formats from ‘Don’t shout at the telly’ to ‘Books and buns’ to ‘Views on the streets’
  • Toured the globe from the heart of the Amazon rain forest to Hiroshima to Buchenwald to the Narmada valley with groups of young learners
  • Hosted groups from Ghana, Uganda, Brazil, Japan, Germany and the USA
  • Reported back and arranged presentations in over 2000 universities, schools and colleges
  • Continued to support our peers and individual families in Ghana
  • Maintained a vibrant volunteer centre in East London for over 20 years with uniquely, an open door policy to all
  • Provided over 1000 references for volunteer-learners to advance their career prospects
  • Been selected as the exemplar of diversity in Community film making for the AHRC connected communities programme with our work showcased at the BFI, been selected as a Community Voices finalist for the Technology 4 Good awards; won Highly Commended in the prestigious Nominet Internet Awards in the category Empowering Young People and Citizens; was a medallist in the UK IT Industry Awards for the Community Project of the Year, was selected as a Rising Star by Idox and were the winner’s of the Children & Young People Now Arts & Culture Award 2018;
  • Provided a first paid experience for volunteers as camera crew with commissions from major institutions including Bloomberg, BESA, PET, BPAS and WISE.

Scroll down for graphs, case studies and our Annual reports.

WORLDwrite’s film facilities and free training with our School of Citizen TV WORLDbytes, provides access to broadcast quality equipment and professional tuition that young individuals could never afford otherwise. Our programmes push boundaries and provide young volunteer learners with new skills and a chance to make an impact. Yet our films and programme making are not simply a learning opportunity for young beneficiaries but seek to expand public knowledge, challenge ideas, provide a platform for lesser-heard voices and to contribute to public debate. They have been screened in parliament, referred to by policy makers and institutions, used across universities and colleges, have been embedded in numerous magasines, newspapers and websites and been used as campaigning tools by many.

Feedback from participants illustrates the positive impact our training programmes have had. Numerous individuals have gone on to pursue media careers, equipped with new found ideas and a knowledge of what a production involves, references from the charity and programme or film credits. The graphs below provide a snapshot of participants the charity has worked with over the past year and what they gained.

These graphs were compiled from completed evaluations. Click on the graphs to enlarge them.

Case studies

Annual reports