The charity regularly takes on students as interns and school students looking for work experience during the year. As far as possible, funding permitting, expenses for travel and lunch are always paid. Very occasionally we are able to offer fully paid internships. We do believe they are a valuable way for all ages to test out an area of work or interest and gain valuable experience. We do not believe interns should be treated as cheap alternatives to paid staff. These are learning opportunities and we treat them as such, as we do for all volunteers. But this is not ‘filing and tea making’ or a ‘youth club’ this is Citizen TV and real work producing programmes and films that matter. It is important to understand too, as is the case with all forms of voluntary endeavour, where you feel you are helping out for no remuneration, it does cost the charity resources and time, which are always in short supply when you want to change the world.

In return for our input, we do expect a high level of professionalism, good time keeping, communication, a willingness to try out new ideas and have a go at everything.

Internships and work experience can be for flexible days and times and we do try to accommodate specific interests be it film and media, journalism, politics, history, science or art and design, administration, business or finance, social media and marketing. All interns are provided with camera training and the opportunity to take part in front or behind the camera on actual shoots and shows. We cannot promise paid work at the end of any period of working with us, but we always offer those who try the hardest, the chance to assist with commissioned film work. This is often a great first paid opportunity. We do provide references and you will always feature in the credits of programmes you have worked on in whatever capacity.

If working as an intern or for work experience with our Citizen TV station is of interest, we recommend you have a good look at the material on this website, who we are, our history, the videos we make and our documentaries. You will need to attend an introductory evening or interview and we suggest you complete an application here and drop us an email to tell us you are looking for an internship or work experience and we can then discuss it further with you.

At WORLDwrite we do believe in ‘telling it like it is’ and if you can cope with that, you will have a challenging, exciting and very productive experience.