“I was impressed by the ‘hands on’ filming experience. I loved the friendly atmosphere and being part of a platform unafraid to critique mainstream thoughts..”

Free film training

We offer 16-25 year olds free part-time (mainly weekends and evenings) ‘on the job’ training in all aspects of programme-making for our Citizen TV station and documentary films. The training results in the production of programmes and feature films, which are promoted online and offline to global audiences for which all volunteers are credited. The packages include discussion, research, camera essentials, lighting, sound, presenting, interview technique, transcribing, archive research, fundraising and promotion. No previous experience is required but a keen interest in challenging ideas is a must as our programmes prioritise content over style.

To take part, you do need to get an application in and attend an introductory session. Our packages for 2019 are now full but we are taking applications now for packages in 2020.  If you are interested, you will need to attend an introductory evening with spaces available, to go through what is involved. No one is turned away but spaces do fill up fast and once we’re full, were full! Read on to apply.

We do not want you to send us CVs, we do need to know you understand that this is Citizen TV and it is the content and ideas that matter. We welcome newcomers to the UK, you don’t need any film skills at all and we won’t judge you on your English. We cover a huge range of issues but as an education charity committed to international understanding and global equality we do have some basic principles which we promote on our news channel WORLDbytes and through the documentaries we make. We believe in:

We believe in:

  • Democracy for all and the more direct the better
  • Free Movement and celebrating more people on the planet
  • Economic growth & serious development for all globally
  • Challenging all forms of prejudice, anti-democratic and anti-human trends
  • Freedom of speech and advancing civil liberties
  • Challenging distrust, fear and intervention in everyday life
  • Supporting our peers globally managing their own affairs without foreign intervention
  • Advancing new knowledge, ideas and critical thinking
  • Celebrating equality and equal rights for all

To take part in the next part-time package, complete the simple application form below and confirm you can attend an introductory session at the WORLDwrite centre.

Places fill up very fast, so don’t delay! All our packages include free camera training.

Apply for free film training

Please watch the short WORLDbytes film clips below and then complete the simple application form in full. Application forms with no comments on the videos indicated, will not be accepted. Once you have submitted your form we will be in touch to confirm your place, provide you with details of the next introductory evening and directions on how to find us.