Tune in on December 19th 2020 to hear 100 audacious lovers of liberty tell us why freedom and free speech are essential for humanity to thrive. Register for free tickets here.

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10.00 Ceri Dingle & Ekanem Robertson

Ceri Dingle is the Director of WORLDwrite

Ekanem Robertson is a Coach, Presenter, Writer and Model

Welcome to the Freedom Babbleon

10.05 Brendan O’Neill

Editor spiked

The Fight for Freedom


10.10 Linda Murdoch

Director of careers, University of Glasgow

Scots Wha Hae


10.15 James Owens

Trainee Videographer

Censorship & South Park


10.20 Graham Barnfield

Chair of the trustees, WORLDwrite

The Free-Born Englishman


10.25 Hilary Salt

Actuarial Director at First Actuarial plc

My Top Banned Songs


10.30 Richard Woolfenden

Head of Sixth Form and English Teacher, East London Science School

Bring back tragedy!


10.35 Viv Regan

Managing editor spiked; WORLDwrite management committee media advisor

Trust Us


10.40 Justin Smyth

Librarian and co-founder of the Dublin Salon

Why Technocrats Hate Pubs


10.45 Ava Majumdar

Media student at Goldsmith’s University, specialising in film and digital communications

Hong Kong protests & mass surveillance in China


10.50 Rob Bashforth

Consultant at CBMDC Building Schools for the future Ltd

The human impulse for freedom can be discovered in the most unexpected places


10.55 Sabine Beppler-Spahl

Director Sprachkunst36, ChairFreiblickinstitut e.V, German Correspondent spiked

To Whoever Stays At Home (Bertolt Brecht)

11.00 Tom Slater

Deputy editor spiked; Presenter, Last Orders podcast

Why cancel culture is a threat to us all


11.05 Dr Wendy Earle

Convenor, Academy of Ideas, Arts and Society Forum

Poems on Liberty


11.10 Leo Kearse

Scottish right-wing liberal comedian

Freedom of speech in comedy


11.15 Alan Miller

Co-founder Recovery, Co-founder, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA)



11.20 Steve Roberts

Entrepeneur, former mine worker, West Yorkshire

Border controls and Santa


11.25 Rachel Jordan

English language trainer, art educator & artist

Freedom – some definitions and examples


11.30 Fraser Myers

Staff writer, spiked; producer, spiked podcast

Lockdown and Dissent


11.35 Rosie Cuckston

Organiser, Birmingham Salon

Freedom and the increase of mastery over nature


11.40 Alex Cameron

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Design Writer based in Madrid, Spain

Un doble, por favor


11.45 Daniel Ben-Ami

Journalist; author, Ferraris for All

The green taboo


11.50 Andy Hirst

Art restorer; WORLDwrite camera tutor

A Lockdown spoof


11.55 Caspar Hewett

Director, The Great Debate; Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Newcastle University

Ode to Freedom


12.00 Jane Sandeman

Convenor AOI Parents forum

Freedom and flight-two poems


12.05 Tessa Clarke

Journalist, Author and Documentary film director

Media freedom: why we need journalists to hold power to account in democracy

12.10 Kalila Noa

19 year old singer-songwriter from East London

Concrete carpet: the alienated man


12.15 Dr Carlton Brick

Lecturer in sociology, University of the West of Scotland

Dear Humza, love from Patti


12.20 Rachael Pinder


Freedom Fighters Then and Now


12.25 Ian Abley

Technical designer and construction trouble-shooter

Freedom to build on your own land


12.30 HorseThieves

Rock Band

Dark Days


12.35 Rob Harris

Editor, WORLDwrite Camera tutor & Management Committee member

He who destroys a good book, kills reason: 17th century lessons on freedom


12.40 Josephine Hussey

A school teacher with a passion for theatre and freedom

Freedom in the theatre


12.45 Dolan Cummings

Freelance writer and editor, Author

A reading on existential freedom


12.50 Jacob Al ajlouni

Volunteer film trainee

My fight for freedom


12.55 Dave Clements

Writer & Chair, AOI Social Policy Forum

Freedom from community?


13.00 Professor Frank Furedi

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, Author, Democracy Under Siege: Don’t Let Them Lock It Down!

Why Freedom is Not just another Word


13.05 Sally Millard

Head of Finance, charity sector; WORLDwrite Management Committee member

Without freedom we cannot take responsibility


13.10 Kate Abley

Teacher; Volunteer Production Coordinator, WORLDwrite; Author Changing the Subject

Freedom and Health


13.15 Alison Small

UK Production Training Manager, Netflix

Film and Censorship


13.20 Dominic Frisby

Comedian and writer

You won’t fix anything until you fix money


13.25 Virginia Hume

NE London social care bid-writer

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


13.30 Alastair Donald

Associate Director, Academy of Ideas; Co-founder Living Freedom

The Scottish Martyrs


13.35 Abi Burgess

TV Runner & Trainee Researcher ; MAMA Youth Project Alumni

Freelancer freedom and the hospitality sector


13.40 Matthias Heitmann

Zeitgeist critic; author & comedian

De-coronalize! Smash the mental lockdown


13.45 Austin Williams

Director, Future Cities Project; Senior lecturer, Architecture, Kingston School of Art; Author

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night…


13.50 Johny Morris

Data Guru

An Elegy To Freedom


13.55 Yaron Brook

Former CEO of the Ayn Rand Institute; host of The Yaron Brook Show; Author

Capitalism is the Ideal


14.00 Mick Hume

Columnist, spiked; author, Revolting!

No, Silence Isn’t Violence


14.05 Karen Harvey

Marketing Communications Specialist

Erdoğan and Macron: Vive la Différence?


14.10 Andrew Thomas

Politically confused baker

An Answer to Modern Pessimism


14.15 Para Mullan

Operations Director EY-Seren

Freedom – what Freedom? for South East Asia


14.20 Dr Terri Murray

Director of studies, Hampstead Fine Arts College; writer; Author: Islam, Identity and the Twilight of Liberal Values

Myth-Busting objections to free expression


14.25 Gareth Sturdy

Science teacher; Organiser, AoI Education Forum

Mind-forg’d Manacles


14.30 Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

Educator, writer & researcher

The Freedom of Useless Knowledge 


14.35 Dennis Hayes

Professor of education, University of Derby; Director, Academics For Academic Freedom

Je suis Samuel


14.40 Ella Whelan

Co-convenor, Battle of Ideas Festival; journalist; Author

Women’s Freedom


14.45 Shirley Lawes

WORLDwrite trustee; Researcher; University lecturer; Modern languages specialist

On Tolerance


14.50 Jon Bryan

Poker Player & Gambling Writer

Gambling with our freedoms


14.55 James Woudhuysen

Visiting Professor at London South Bank University

At the doorstep, Election 2019


15.00 Simon Evans

Comedian, writer and presenter for radio Four’s “Simon Evans Goes to Market”

Eccentricity, Root of Genius?


15.05 Elisabetta Gasparoni

Teacher of Italian language and literature

Bella Ciao: canto popolare di resistenza e di libertà


15.10 Chris Sharp

Independent Photography Professional

The Last Decade of Freedom of Speech in pictures


15.15 Julian Dyer

Writer; Director; Mental Artist; Domestic Extremist

Why Mi5 Follow Me On Twitter.


15.20 Eleanor Veness

TV & Media Researcher; Screenwriter; Documentary Filmmaker

Lockdown and the Creative Voice


15.25 David Perks

Principal, East London Science School

Samuel Paty


15.30 Neil Davenport

Cultural critic; Head of faculty of social sciences, JFS Sixth Form Centre

The Freedom to be judgemental


15.35 Toby Marshall

Film teacher

Oscar’s Wilde’s The Soul of Man. 


15.40 Dr Andrew Calcutt

Veteran journalist and academic

Whose story is it, anyway? Identity Politics and the Right to Report


15.45 James Hirst


I Dream of Freedom


15.50 Marcus Gilchrist

 University Manager and Edinburgh Citizen

The Tron


15.55 Robert Tombs

Emeritus professor of French history, Cambridge University; author

Is the Enlightenment over?


16.00 Kevin Rooney

Retired teacher, Author

A poem by Bobby Sands


16.05 Dominik Cromack

Film Studies & English Student, University of Leicester

Poland, abortion & women’s right to choose


16.10 Joan Hoey

Editor, The Democracy Index, The Economist Intelligence Unit

The Freedom Fighter


16.15 Lee Jones

Associate Professor, International Politics, Queen Mary, University of London

Why free speech is essential for universities


16.20 Norman Lewis

Director, Futures-Diagnosis Ltd, Writer & Commentator

Real freedom and the realm of necessity


16.25 Millicent Kumeni

Market trader, Ghana

Freedom & Global  equality


16.30 Brid Hehir

Writer, Researcher & Social Activist on Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision (FGM/C) Former NHS worker

Women should be free to choose circumcision


16.35 Manick Govinda

Independent Arts Consultant & Writer

A Plea For Free Speech by Frederick Douglass


16.40 Klaus Alfs

Sociologist, author & editor

Viva la liberta from Mozart’s Don Giovanni


16.45 Niall Crowley

Designer, marketing and publishing specialist

Road Closures


16.50 Rick Moore

Business Owner and Freedom-loving political activist

With freedom comes responsibility


16.55 Penny Lewis

Lecturer at University of Dundee and Wuhan University



17.00 Dr Ashley Frawley

Senior lecturer in sociology & social policy, Swansea University; Author

Safety & wellbeing vs freedom & reason


17.05 Vivita Sequeira

Technology consultant, Head of Computer Science Department

Indian writers on Freedom


17.10 Justine Brian

Director of Civitas Schools, former director of A.O.I. Debating Matters sixth form debating competition

Beer and Freedom


17.15 Dr Vanessa Pupavac

Associate professor; co-director, Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham

Anton Chekhov’s Letter of 9 March 1890


17.20 Saara Alicia

Spanish and International Relations student at the University of Reading

What does it mean to be free?


17.25 Dr Christine Louis Dit Sully

Researcher; writer; author ‘Transcending Racial Divisions: will you stand by me’ (forthcoming)

Non-domination: aiming for human freedom


17.30 David Axe

Brexiteer, Brexit Party GE2019 candidate and Director of Invoke Democracy Now

An Englishman’s Home……..Privacy under siege


17.35 Lesley Katon

Creative director, strategist and producer at Lesley Katon

Fourth World


17.40 Chris Bowsher

Poet & frontman of the band Radical Dance Faction



17.45 Darryl Bickler

Lawyer and drug policy reform advocate

The language of freedom


17.50 Alan Hudson

Emeritus Fellow Kellogg College, University of Oxford

Fear of Freedom


17.55 Maeve Fitzpatrick


A song for the Babbleon


18.00 Dr Jan Macvarish

Education and Events Director, The Free Speech Union

The casual brutality of cancel culture


18.05 Eve Kay

Executive TV Producer

Censorship and Harm Under Lockdown


18.10 Andrew Doyle

Writer and satirist

Self-Censorship and the Arts


18.15 Ceri Dingle

WORLDwrite Director

Thank you for a great day