“I wanted to thank them for taking a chance on young people every day.”

My time at WORLDbytes was decisive to kick-start my career in the media industry. There are many places in London that offer camera training and broadcast courses, but none of them do it for free and are open to applicants from all backgrounds (nationality, education, accent, economic situation etc.). When I applied to WORLDbytes, I didn’t need a CV or a portfolio, I only had to show interest and eagerness to help and learn. This meant that as Politics graduate, with no previous experience in the media world, WORLDbytes was the first place that provided me an opportunity to get training and real skills that I could showcase in my CV.

After getting camera training with WORLDbytes and participating in their Journalism course, I got enough skills to be accepted into the London360 6-month traineeship scheme at Media Trust. I doubt this would have been possible without the amazing training I got for free at WORLDbytes.

Less than a year later, I got into CNN as an intern at their current affairs programmes, Amanpour and The World Right Now. Both primetime shows in one of the best and renowned international channels. I am now a freelance at the network in the TV News department and the digital video department.

I wanted to take this chance to stress how important the work done by WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes is and I wanted to thank them for taking a chance on young people every day.