I was searching for a while for an organisation to volunteer at where I could expand my photography and filming skills and finding WORLDbytes was such good luck! 

I have learned what the whole process of making a documentary looks like I also got to take part in so many workshops, on how to film, edit, research for documentary material and how to interview people. I also had the chance to try all the above for actual programmes and be involved in group discussions in front of the camera. 

I have helped shoot several interviews and a debate at the Battle of Ideas festival. The experience was, amazing and the crew were really helpful. I got plenty of time to practice how to film and to work with people who are ready to share their knowledge, experience and ideas.

The whole experience has motivated me to learn more about filming and editing in my free time and hopefully I will soon be able to start something on my own as well!

For all those people who are keen to get their hands on camera equipment and are keen to develop their team work, editing, presenting skills and many more, I would definitely recommend working with WORLDbytes.