“I was impressed by the ‘hands on’ filming experience. I loved the friendly atmosphere and being part of a platform unafraid to critique mainstream thoughts..”

Help make history

Throughout the past year WORLDwrite has worked on an epic feature-length documentary on the history of solidarity in the UK. This project has won a small grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and support from the National Archives. Our free film training has involved research and shooting for this film. From the Lancashire millworkers in the 1860’s who supported the abolition of slavery to groups packing vans for Ukraine today, we’ve examined the inspiring moments in history where making common cause has lessons for us all. We are now at the final editing stage with plenty left to do including arranging press & PR, screenings and reviews. Work for this film will feature in our forthcoming packages as well as shoots on new issues.

If developing filmmaking skills or testing your existing skills while making an impact is of interest, then this is definitely for you.

Applications are now open for our Easter Holiday Train & Shoot Package

During this short package of training and shooting, which will take place online and face to face, volunteers will help complete the final work needed for our solidarity documentary and learn to shoot for a Views on the Street report or studio show (depending on the weather). All volunteers will be credited for their input and will feature in all film and video end credits.

Wednesday 3rd April via Zoom 7.30pm-9pm: Introductory Event. Meet the team and the new crew, discuss what we do and what this package involves. You can then decide if this is for you.

Monday 8th April via Zoom 7.30pm-9pm Brainstorming digital promotion. Mainstream TV spends millions on marketing-we’ll discuss ideas on how to win an audience with no budget along with screenings and festival submissions for our film on the history of solidarity. We’ll develop task sheets too for everyone to work on from home.

Wednesday 10th April via Zoom 7.30pm-9pm Shoot preparation & pre-production logistics This crucial crew meeting will cover the what, where, when and how of our shoot. We’ll go over how the camera training day will work, discuss the issue we’ll be covering on the streets or in the studio, interview questions and all logistics.

Saturday 13th April at the WORLDwrite Centre in London E5 10am-6pm  Camera Training To shoot with us, wether you have never touched a camera or are a seasoned professional you will need to get to know the charity’s 4K and HD film equipment and all the camera, lighting and sound basics to start shooting. On this intensive ‘hands on’ day  Refreshments will be provided.

Sunday 14th April at the WORLDwrite Centre in London E5  10am-6pm Shoot Day! Today we’ll be shooting for a Views on the News report or in the studio, on the issue we discussed in the week. We’ll be putting into practice all we have learnt from the day before! We’ll start at our centre, going through how we shoot on the streets or in the studio, and how to operate as a camera person, producer and director. Depending on the location we decide upon for the final shoot (and the weather) local travel costs will be provided for the shoot.

Thursday 18th April via Zoom 7.30pm-9pm What’s next? At this online get together we’ll review what we have achieved, discuss forthcoming screenings of our film, promotion and new plans.

Saturday 20th April at the Castle Cinema in London E9 9.30am Film Premiere Today we’ll include you as a VIP guest for the launch of our film The UK Solidarity Story at this wonderful Art Deco cinema in Hackney. You will be among the first to witness the powerful story of solidarity on the big screen. We’ll be serving lunch in a bun and the bar will be open post-screening to chat with our volunteer filmmakers. Your friends can book tickets too here.

Read on to apply

We do not want you to send us CVs, we do need to know you understand that this is voluntary work. This package is for people interested in producing a major documentary film and filming reports or shows in which the content and ideas matter most. We welcome newcomers to the UK, you don’t need any film skills at all and we won’t judge you on your English. We cover a huge range of issues but as an education charity, we do have some basic principles which we promote on our channel WORLDbytes and through the documentaries and programmes we make.

We believe in:

  • Democracy for all and the more direct the better
  • Economic growth & serious development for all globally
  • Challenging all forms of prejudice, anti-democratic and anti-human trends
  • Freedom of speech and advancing civil liberties
  • Challenging distrust, fear and intervention in everyday life
  • Advancing new knowledge, ideas and critical thinking
  • Global equality and equal rights for all

To take part in our Easter ‘train & shoot’ package, complete the simple application form below. We will then confirm your place and ensure you get our monthly newsletter which may have additional opportunities.

Places fill up very fast, so don’t delay!

Apply for free film training

Please watch the short WORLDbytes film clips below to give you an idea of the type of programmes and films we make and then complete the simple application form in full. Application forms with no comments on the videos indicated, will not be accepted. Once you have submitted your form we will be in touch to confirm your place and provide you with the Zoom link for the introductory evening.