Tolerance after Manchester & London: The Wide Angle

Theresa May claims there is ‘too much tolerance of extremism’ in Britain – but is she right? And what does tolerance mean anyway?

This edition of the Wide Angle presents a fascinating insight into the misunderstanding of tolerance after the Manchester and London terror attacks.  Whether its bans on hate preachers, locking up extremists and radicals, or scaremongering over Islamophobia and unease about the term ‘Islamism’, we learn that intolerance, in fact, seems to be the order of the day.  Surely if we had more tolerance – meaning a willingness to challenge and judge, not pander to, ban or shut down anti-human ideas – we’d be more able to tackle terrorism.

The special guest speakers are Dolan Cummings, associate fellow of the Institute of Ideas, and Rania Hafez, founder of Muslim Women in Education.