Twenty Years in Afghanistan: What Happened?

In this vital debate, filmed by WORLDwrite volunteers at the Battle of Ideas festival at Church House, Westminster, a highly engaging panel and audience discuss what’s happened in Afghanistan.
Was intervention ever justified? Could there have been a different outcome or was disaster always on the cards?
The speakers don’t all agree but share with us valuable insights.
The speakers are: Peymana Assad-councillor, London Borough of Harrow; first person of Afghan origin elected to UK public office; founder, Labour Foreign Policy Group Dr Philip Cunliffe- senior lecturer in politics and international relations, University of Kent; co-founder, The Full Brexit; author, Cosmopolitan Dystopia: international intervention and the failure of the West; co-host, Aufhebunga Bunga podcast Mick Hume-columnist, spiked; author, Revolting!: how the establishment are undermining democracy and what they’re afraid of and Trigger Warning Bruno Maçães-senior adviser, Flint Global; author, Belt and Road: history has begun and The Dawn of Eurasia Ali Miraj-columnist, TheArticle; founder, the Contrarian Prize; infrastructure financier; DJ.
The chair is Bruno Waterfield, Brussels Correspondent, The Times.