Terror Attacks: A Citizen’s Response

Tired of being side-lined by governments who respond to every act of terror by attacking our freedoms and liberties, citizens’ came together in the wake of the London, Manchester and Barcelona attacks to demand real answers to the on-going onslaught of Islamist terror in Europe.  This no holds barred discussion challenges the culture of ‘you can’t say that’ when it comes to discussing Islam and terror.  It calls into question the growing tendency to label any response by citizens as Islamophobic and to equate unfounded fears of Islamophobia with the deaths of over 450 people from terrorism in Europe since 2014.  Contributors argue that the government must scrap its censorious Prevent programme which undermines the values of free speech, democracy and tolerance which are our best defence against the backward ideas of the terrorists.

The terrorists’ rejection of the West and its values do not exist in isolation, we learn, but are fostered by state multiculturalism, the celebration of difference and the privileging of religious ideas and identities.  This campaigning video demonstrates that citizens are capable of much more than laying flowers and writing sad Facebook updates – policymakers should take note.