Sandy Hook, Gun Control & A Changing America: Battle of Ideas Taster

In recent years, there have been several seemingly random acts of violence committed by young males in the US – shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook, Connecticut and the bombing at the Boston Marathon. There has been heated discussion about how these acts should be interpreted. Is it a mental health issue? Is gun control the answer? What these acts have in common is seemingly nihilistic and motiveless violence. Gun control may be popular in the UK but in America it’s a different story. Arranged by the New York Salon and filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers at the Battle of Ideas, this terrific debate goes beyond the normal rhetoric and may take you out of your comfort zone. In this taster clip spiked writer Kevin Yuill and fellow panellists explain why they support the 2nd amendment of the American constitution and freedom to bear arms. A freedom the world would do well to emulate everywhere. Until 1870 you could even speak of a ‘gun culture’ in the UK, it’s only today that Brits call gun ownership ‘crazy’.