Flush it

150 years after London’s great stink comes Flush it, a film which investigates toilet history and proposes serious development in water provision for the developing world. The anniversary of the 1858 Great Stink, when levels of excrement ‘backed up’ on the tidal Thames forcing parliament to adjourn up river, may seem a strange event to commemorate. Yet in the West the grand plans that solved the stench mean we no longer worry about death from cholera and water borne disease. This compelling documentary promises to put aspirations for Western levels of water provision and sanitation on the map for developing countries. Flush It interweaves concerns about global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos. The full film released here, was completed in 2008 and remains pertinent as water panics persist and the excellent toilet history the film covers is salutary. It is available on DVD from the WORLDwrite shop. The original website for the film contains additional information.

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