Many of our documentary feature films, especially: The UK Solidarity Story; Women: a success story; 1917: Why The Russian Revolution Matters; Every Cook Can Govern: The life, impact & works of C.L.R. James and Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible have been screened followed by inspiring discussions. These have comprised of panels and Q&A’s with luminaries, including Robert A. Hill Literary Executor of C.L.R. James at the University of the West Indies, with key figures in Trinidad and a range of speakers at the University of Columbia and at cinemas, universities, schools and colleges across the world from New York to Berlin to Glasgow.
We do not charge for the screening of our films, we do have to ask for support to fund a speaker, their travel and a fee to pay them. Our crews do a huge amount of voluntary work to make and promote our films but cannot live on fresh air and the charity has no funds to pay them.
Please use the contact form to let us know which film you wish to screen, when and where, the nature of the audience and your requirements. If it is a public event, we will do our best to publicise it too. We are able to provide our films in a variety of formats, it may require a fee if conversion or DCP creation is required as we do have to pay external services for this.
We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our films with you.

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