End of the East Asian economic miracle?

The rapid recoveries experienced by the emerging economies have been contrasted with the sluggish recoveries in the advanced economies of America, Europe and Japan.  More recently, however, the talk is of a great unravelling of the emerging markets story.  China, in particular, has become a source of concern, with signs of slowing economic growth and a fall in share prices.  More fundamentally, it is argued that East Asia is starting to hit the buffers of the ‘middle-income trap.’  Are these problems just a blip or did the world get carried away with talk of an economic miracle?

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, the speakers are Daniel Ben-Ami, finance and economics writer, author of Ferraris For All: In defence of economic progress and Cowardly Capitalism; Shaun Breslin, professor of international politics, University of Warwick, associate fellow, Chatham House Asia Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs; Jeanne Marie-Gescher, author, All Under Heaven: China’s dreams of order, adviser and speaker on China to global businesses, think-tanks and other organisations; Professor Alan Hudson, director of leadership and public policy programmes, University of Oxford, visiting professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University; Charles Nishikawa, management consultant, Across Associates Consultants, lecturer, Mejiro University.  The chair is Rob Lyons, convenor, Institute of Ideas Economy Forum.

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