Crumbling BRIC: What future for Brazil?

Recently regarded as one of the world’s development success stories, Brazil’s corruption scandal has engulfed the nation in an existential crisis. Is the culture of corruption the cause of this crisis or is it a symptom of the end of an era? Is this a turning point for Brazil? Will new political forces, whether populist Evangelical leaders or legalistic technocrats, come to the fore? Will Brazil’s 28 political parties fragment further leading to even more tribal warfare in Congress? How can democracy be rebuilt when public life is riven with mistrust and a powerful anti-political sentiment?

Speakers include: Silio Boccanera, London-based freelance Brazilian journalist, contributor to current affairs programmes on Brazilian television channel GloboNews; Alex Hochuli, communications consultant, researcher and blogger based in São Paulo; Luís Bulcão Pinheiro, freelance journalist, organising committee member of Brazil Forum UK; Rogerio Simoes, Brazilian journalist and analyst. The chair is Bríd Hehir, writer, researcher and traveller, retired nurse and fundraiser.