Controverski: Sochi, gay rights & Russia-bashing

In this special programme a trio of guests discuss the political fuss over the Winter Olympics in Sochi with a volunteer crew. From toothpaste tube terror panics to corruption allegations, overspends, unfinished hotels & gay rights protests, in the run up, all but winter sports hit the headlines. On the programme, Tara McCormack a Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Leicester, David Forrest former GB international swimmer, gay games participant and landscape architect and WORLDbytes Volunteer Coordinator and designer Niall Crowley discuss what’s going on and challenge the ‘slacktivisim’ and calls for boycotts. Russia-bashing, they tell us, the most popular sport among Western politicians and journalists, represents more than a bout of schadenfreude. This is a case of moral-grandstanding by lame-duck Western politicians and media-pundits and Russia is an easy target. The consequences, we learn, are bad news for gay rights too.

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