All Change: Navigating the new political disruption

Mainstream political parties internationally, from Italy to Sweden, are being thrown into disarray by new challengers. From Brexit to Trump, voters are seemingly giving two fingers to establishment norms. Postwar, rules-based economic and diplomatic arrangements are being torn up. Does the unpredictable future need to be experienced as out of our control and scary? Afterall, Frank Furedi explains “politics historically means a refusal to bow to fate, it’s about choice and choice making…and one of the great things about the ‘populist moment’ is people imagine things can change.” Filmed at the Battle of Ideas an impressive line-up of speakers get to the heart of what’s going on.

The speakers are: Professor Frank Furedi, sociologist and social commentator, author, How Fear Works; Dr Eliane Glaser, writer; radio producer; senior lecturer, Bath Spa University,  author, Anti-Politics; Matthew Goodwin, professor of political science, University of Kent, author, National Populism and Stephen Kinnock MP Labour MP for Aberavon, member, Exiting the EU Select Committee. The chair is Claire Fox, Director of the Academy of Ideas.