After Ferguson: Policing and race in America

Michael Brown was not the first black man to be killed by a cop yet his death lead to protests in major cities across the US. Some have noted that the Ferguson police force is mainly white, policing a largely black community –was that a key factor? How prevalent and significant is racism in the police today? Many non-Americans view the US as particularly violent and crime-ridden, with a bad record of racial animosity. Is this just a continuation of the past or are there new factors to consider? Is America uniquely racist? And what are the solutions? Filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers at the Battle of Ideas, this important discussion merits further debate.

In this debate, chaired by Jean Smith, the co-founder and director of the NY Salon, the speakers are: Dr James Campbell, lecturer in American History, University of Leicester; author, Crime and Punishment in African American History; Kunle Olulode, director, Voice4Change England; creative director, Rebop Productions; and Dr Kevin Yuill, senior lecturer, history, University of Sunderland; author, Assisted Suicide: the liberal, humanist case against liberalization.