“I was impressed by the ‘hands on’ filming experience. I loved the friendly atmosphere and being part of a platform unafraid to critique mainstream thoughts..”

New Free Citizen TV Training Package Online

Starting in February 2021, the charity is delighted to announce a new part-time training package for 16-25 year olds interested in film, video, TV, journalism and the creative industries. The package will combine online sessions via zoom, and (when the charity is allowed to open its centre in Hackney London E5) face to face camera training and shoots with all equipment provided. This training package is free thanks to support from the Jack Petchey Foundation and friends of the charity.

Everyone interested needs to complete the simple application below, no one is turned away and no previous skills are required. Everyone interested will need to attend the introductory event to become part of ‘the crew’.

Aside from the online sessions detailed below, participants will be encouraged to carry out further tasks from home. Extra sessions will be arranged throughout the package to develop ideas, shoot material or discuss progress as needed. The package will result in up to three programmes being produced and all crew will be credited.

A zoom link for the introductory event will be sent to everyone who applies.

Package Session Dates and Content Outline

Wednesday 3rd February 7.30pm Citizen TV makers introductory event  Meet the team and the new crew, discuss what we do and what the new package involves.

Sunday 7th February 3pm Fancy a career in the media?  A chance to check out the vast range of jobs in the TV, film, print and creative media industries. Learn how many professionals got a foot in the door. This is an interactive workshop with a panel of film, TV & media professionals who will share their stories, top tips and answer questions.

Wednesday 10th February 7.30pm Documentary Film discussion with a film Director  This discussion will focus on a documentary all will have watched. Film options will be presented and voted for at the introductory event and links to watch the film online will be emailed to all participants.

Sunday 14th February 3pm Know your cameras and kit  You may not be able to get your hands on professional gear while Covid restrictions apply, but you can still get in the know and learn a lot online. This is an interactive workshop with camera professionals on SD, HDV & HD cameras, DSLR’s, 4K cameras, sound kit & lighting. With clips & take home notes.

Wednesday 17th February 7.30pm Brainstorming ideas-a workshop  Every film, video, news report or article starts with some creative thinking. During this session we will work out up to three ideas for actual programmes and allocate further research for programmes in crews, who will then discuss with each other storyboards and shooting arrangements.

Sunday 21 February 3.00pm Shooting during lockdown  How to get the best out of your mobile or laptop and webcam. From teleprompters to interviews, a workshop on what is possible without the great gear, with tips for everyone to have a go and start shooting for the programme ideas discussed.

Wednesday 24 February 7.30pm An introduction to digital promotion for video makers  Mainstream TV spends millions on marketing-we’ll cover how to win an audience with no budget followed by discussion and task sheets for everyone to work on from home.

Sunday 28th February 3.00pm Footage review and editing basics  A discussion and review of the footage volunteers have shot and the basics on how to edit for a broadcast quality end-product.

Wednesday 3rd March 7.30pm Fundraising brainstorm  Even no to low budget TV and film making has costs. WORLDwrite has to fund a centre and bills even when its shut. Can we combine film making and fundraising? In this discussion we’ll cook up some new creative ideas to help fund WORLDwrite and further productions.

The following *face to face sessions with all WORLDwrite’s film equipment, will depend on Covid related restrictions. If we are unable to open, we will come up with some exciting alternatives, which everyone can vote on and choose. If we are allowed to open, participants will need to choose either a weekend of training and shooting OR the weekdays.

*Saturday 6th March 10am-6pm Face to Face Intensive Practical camera training  At the WORLDwrite Centre depending on restrictions

*Sunday 7th March 10am-6pm Actual Shoots  We will shoot the programmes discussed and further refined by volunteers’ subject research. These may be a show, on the streets vox-pop interviews or a combination. They may form one programme or three separate programmes, everyone will be credited & credits are currency.

*Wednesday 10th March 10am-6pm Face to Face Intensive Practical camera training At the WORLDwrite Centre depending on restrictions

*Thursday 11th March 10am-6pm Actual Shoots We will shoot the programmes discussed and further refined by volunteers’ subject research. These may be a show, on the streets vox-pop interviews or a combination. They may form one programme or three separate programmes, everyone will be credited & credits are currency

Sunday 14th March What have we created? This interactive session will look at what we’ve managed to create in these difficult times and include an evaluation, celebration and discussion of future plans & opportunities.

Read on to apply.

We do not want you to send us CVs, we do need to know you understand that this is Citizen TV and it is the content and ideas that matter. We welcome newcomers to the UK, you don’t need any film skills at all and we won’t judge you on your English. We cover a huge range of issues but as an education charity we do have some basic principles which we promote on our news channel WORLDbytes and through the documentaries we make.

We believe in:

  • Democracy for all and the more direct the better
  • Economic growth & serious development for all globally
  • Challenging all forms of prejudice, anti-democratic and anti-human trends
  • Freedom of speech and advancing civil liberties
  • Challenging distrust, fear and intervention in everyday life
  • Supporting our peers globally managing their own affairs without foreign intervention
  • Advancing new knowledge, ideas and critical thinking
  • Global equality and equal rights for all

To take part in the part-time package, complete the simple application form below and confirm you can attend the introductory session.

Places fill up very fast, so don’t delay!

Apply for free Citizen TV training

Please watch the short WORLDbytes film clips below to give you an idea of the type of programmes we make and then complete the simple application form in full. Application forms with no comments on the videos indicated, will not be accepted. Once you have submitted your form we will be in touch to confirm your place and provide you with the Zoom link for the introductory evening.