Women vs Feminism: Do we all need liberating from the gender wars?

There has never been a better time to be a women: girls outperform boys at every level in education, the gender pay gap has been largely eliminated and women face no barriers to taking the top jobs. And yet, a new generation of feminists insist that women suffer a constant onslaught of sexual harassment and everyday sexism. There are calls to ban adverts, songs and behaviour like ‘manspreading’ or ‘mansplaining’ in the name of protecting women. But is it right to portray women as vulnerable to cheesy come-ons, bad language and banter? In this fascinating debate, we learn how the new feminism risks rolling back the clock on women’s freedom.

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas 2017, the speakers are Joanna Williams, Helena Morissey, Eszter Kovats and Alison Wolf. The chair is Sally Millard.

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