What is a good life: Can science and medicine tell us?

It is increasingly assumed that various aspects of human life can and should be understood in terms of science and medicine. For example, our consciousness, happiness, morality, sexual orientation and so on are presented as being scientifically explicable. Recently, the field of epigenetics has been seized upon as a possible route through which our experiences and lifestyles might be inscribed in our biology – and that of future generations. But have we left ourselves room for a non-scientific assessment of our lot, and how to improve it? Are there occasions when we should reject scientific and medical authority? In this compelling panel discussion filmed at the Battle of Ideas, we not only learn what epigenetics are but that what constitutes a good life may best be left for us to determine ourselves. The speakers are: Dr Nessa Carey, Nancy Hey, Angus Kennedy, Jeannette Pols & the chair is Rob Lyons. This panel debate was produced by Sandy Starr.

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