Trigger Warnings: Don’t Shout at the Telly Change the Message on it!

In this compelling on-the-sofa discussion on Trigger Warnings, renowned writer Mick Hume, author of the book by the same name, explains that Trigger Warnings are a bottom-up call for censorship and a dangerous development. Volunteers raise some of the big questions too from ‘where do we draw the line’ to whether words are as deadly as guns and knives.

Mick Hume tells us, our attitude to free speech often reflects our attitude to humanity. When society is optimistic and going forward free speech comes into fashion. If you distrust people and think the mass of people are an ignorant mob and you lose confidence in humanity as we have in the modern era, then free speech goes out of fashion. We need to recreate the idea of a free speech movement for a younger generation Mick concludes.

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