The end of Boozy Britain?

Much of the discussion surrounding alcohol in Britain these days is linked to either public health or crime. Boozing, it seems, can only be viewed as a threat to our livers or the fuel for public disorder. But what about the relaxation and fun that alcohol is part of? In this fascinating panel discussion filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers at the Battle of Ideas, speakers discuss some key questions. Why for example are young people drinking less today? Is that a progressive step or is it part of a broader disdain for new experiences, interacting with older generations and learning to know one’s limits?

In this debate, chaired by Alan Miller, the chairman of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), the speakers are: Daisy Blench, policy manager – alcohol policy and responsibility, British Beer & Pub Association, Neil Davenport, writer; teacher; contributor, spiked, Dr Clare Gerada, GP; past chair, Royal College of General Practitioners, Sian Jarvis, managing director, Jarvis & Bo Communications and Christopher Snowdon, director, lifestyle economics, Institute of Economic Affairs; author, The Art of Suppression.