Tax wars and inequality

From world leaders to billionaires, inequality has become a mainstream obsession. How did that happen and what does it mean?  Is the obsession with inequality more about sharing out the misery than making us all better off as Daniel Ben-Ami compellingly argues? What about the billionaire ‘wealth makers’ Dr Yaron Brook argues, does tackling inequality hold them back? Wasn’t it the workers who made the wealth in the first place too, we might point out.  There is no shortage of heated debate in this illuminating panel discussion filmed at the Battle of Ideas. Do watch, share & add your thoughts.

The speakers are Daniel Ben-Ami, journalist and author, Ferraris for All: in defence of economic progress and Cowardly Capitalism; Dr Yaron Brook, executive director, Ayn Rand Institute, co-author, Equal is Unfair: America’s misguided fight against income inequality; Dr Faiza Shaheen, economist, writer, activist, director of CLASS (Centre for Labour and Social Studies), former head of inequality and sustainable development, Save the Children; Stefan Stern, director, High Pay Centre. The chair is Tom Bailey, journalist, contributor, World Finance, European CEO, and The New Economy.