Suffragettes Then & Now: Don’t Shout At The Telly with Joanna Williams

Joanna Williams, author of Women vs Feminism, joins us on the sofa for a fiery debate on the Suffragettes and the feminism of today. This special was filmed to mark International Women’s day in the centenary year of some women getting the vote. Joanna argues that modern feminists should be ashamed to compare themselves to the Suffragettes. The circumstances women find themselves in, the sacrifices made and the demands are from then to now have radically changed. Where women had next to no legal rights, today we have legal equality. Where Suffragettes endured imprisonment and forced feeding, feminists complain of having to endure manspreading. Where older feminists called for equality, today feminism is used to argue for special protections for well-to-do women. Will the other discussants agree?