Are the current divides reflective of a sea-change for feminism, or does the current infighting stem from its roots in identity politics?

Can feminism survive its current civil war, or is it time for a new women’s liberation movement?

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas Festival this panel of speakers know where they stand. The speakers are: Julie Bindel – Journalist; author, Feminism for Women: the Real Route to Liberation Belinda de Lucy -Former MEP; former Member, Women’s Rights (FEMM) Committee – EU Parliament; commentator Naomi Firsht – Journalist; co-author, The Parisians’ Guide to Cafés, Bars and Restaurants Inaya Folarin Iman – GB News journalist; political commentator; social campaigner; Founder and Director, The Equiano Project.

The Chair is Ella Whelan – Co-Convenor of the Battle of Ideas Festival, Journalist & Author