Rape culture: Menace or myth?

The idea that ‘rape culture’ is a global problem and very evident in the UK if not quite as bad as under ISIS is sadly now widely believed. The storming panel in this debate, filmed at the Battle of Ideas consider if it’s true and are far from agreeing on the matter. The audience get stuck in, disproving inflated statistics, spelling out the fear this predatory panic has created and the demeaning of actual assault by conflating everything from jokes to songs with rape. But seeing all women as victims in need of protection from a ‘rape schedule’ about whom we should ‘worry, worry, worry’, is clearly the take on one side of the debate. Expertly chaired by Luke Gittos, this is a must watch if only to realise how pernicious this idea has become and what it may take to challenge it. Let battle commence indeed. Worth getting a ticket for next year’s Battle of Ideas now just to ensure you don’t miss out!

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