Is white privilege real?

Is white privilege real? Is a white bricklayer more privileged than a black CEO? Where does class fit into the discussion about universal white privilege? Do white people simply have to admit that life is harder for non-white people? Or is there a danger that our fascination with ‘white privilege’ is re-racialising society? In this fascinating debate, challenging questions are raised, the audience get stuck in and the Battle of Ideas lives up to its name, encouraging serious discussion with free speech allowed.

This debate was filmed by WORLDwrite-WORLDbytes volunteers at the Battle of Ideas at the Barbican in November 2019. The speakers are: Aaqil Ahmed: professor of media, University of Bolton; media consultant; non-executive director, Advertising Standards Authority and OFCOM; former head of religion, Channel 4 and BBC. Katharine Birbalsingh: headmistress, Michaela Community School; author, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers: the Michaela way. Dr Myriam Francois: journalist; filmmaker, City of Refuge; founder,; research associate, SOAS. Courtney Hamilton: photographer and writer. The chair is Fraser Myers: staff writer, spiked; producer, spiked podcast.