Creativity and curiosity: Do we make stuff up or find it out?

What do we mean by ‘creativity’?  Speakers in this illuminating debate never fail to make us think. In response to an audience member saying the dopamine levels in your brain make you creative Raymond Tallis tells us: “the dopaminurgic theory of artistic creation will not enable you to distinguish between having your organs played with-sex and hearing  an organ toccata-Bach” and Tiffany Jenkins asks: “Why are we asking science to tell us what love is?” Filmed at the last Battle of Ideas it’s a must watch and speakers include:  Dr Ken Arnold, head of public programmes, Wellcome Trust; Dr Tiffany Jenkins, arts and society director, Institute of Ideas; Professor Colin Lawson, director, Royal College of Music; Ruth Padel, poet and writer and Professor Raymond Tallis, fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences. With debates like these WORLDbytes volunteers are more than keen to film the next Battle of ideas taking place at the Barbican in London.