Can we teach creativity?

The 2015 report by the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value argues that creativity and the arts are being ‘squeezed out’ of schools. Proponents of knowledge-led education counter that creativity can only arise if one first has a mastery of subject-knowledge. To think outside the box, you need to know what’s inside first. Advocates of liberal education also argue the arts and culture should be taught for their own sake, not how they might serve the economy.  Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, the speakers are Martin Robinson, educational consultant, teacher, author of Trivium 21c, JJ Charlesworth, senior editor of ArtReview, Sean Gregory, director of Creative Learning at the Barbican/Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Nick Corston, co-founder of STEAM Co., and Annie Warburton, creative director of the Crafts Council.  The chair is Cara Bleiman, teacher at Arnhem Wharf Primary School.