Are young people scared of sex?

Young people are more exposed than ever to sexual imagery and talk about sex, at school in the media, on their phones. How then do we account for reports that millennials are having less sex than their parents? Is the current panic about rape culture and sexual harassment putting young people off sex? In the absence of the strict moral codes and taboos of the past, do young people need guidance to navigate today’s supposedly ‘sexualised’ culture?

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, chaired by spiked’s assistant editor, Ella Whelan, the speakers are Camille Paglia, professor of humanities and media studies, University of the Arts, Philadelphia; author of ‘Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender and Feminism’; Rosamund Urwin, columnist at Evening Standard; Emily Hill, acting commissioning editor of The Spectator, author of ‘Bad Romance’; Lucy Ivison, teacher specialising in building confidence and creativity; author of bestselling book ‘Lobsters, A socially awkward love story’.