After Gaza: The return of anti-Semitism?

This year’s renewed conflict in the Gaza Strip provoked vocal opposition to the Israeli government. At ‘Free Gaza’ demonstrations, placards and chants called for the destruction of Israel and ‘death to the Jews’. There have been attacks on a Jewish synagogue and Jewish businesses in Paris, while swastikas were painted on the walls of Jewish buildings in other European cities. Some insist claims of rising anti-Semitism are baseless attempts to discredit legitimate criticism of Israel. So should talk of anti-Semitism be dismissed as an attempt to shut down debate, or is there something going on that must be confronted? Why compared to racism for example do so many claim that anti-Semitism is ‘understandable’? A notion that would never be an acceptable excuse for any other form of prejudice or discrimination. Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, this debate features a terrific line-up of speakers.

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