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From Fatwa to Johad

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its legacy by Kenan Malik


Can I Recycle My Granny?

Can I recycle my Granny? by Ethan Greenhart


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Ferraris for All by Daniel Ben Ami


Comment is free by Brendan O'Neill


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Welcome to the WORLDwrite shop, where you can buy all of our available DVDs instantly online via PayPal. You can add as many items as you like to your cart before proceeding with your order.


Sylvia Pankhurst, Everything is Possible

Sylvia Pankhurst, Everything is Possible

Price: £15

This feature length documentary is now available on DVD and is packed with little-known facts, rare archive imagery, expert interviews and exclusive testimony from Sylvia's son, Richard Pankhurst and his wife Rita. Included with the DVD is a booklet which summarises the context in which the movement for female suffrage emerged and key moments in Sylvia's life. The campaigns Sylvia led embraced far more than "votes for women" as she uniquely understood the fight for democratic rights required a challenge to the system.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes. Visit the website.

Special offer for two great films

Flush ItCorruptababble

Price: £10

Flush it: Aspirations for modern amenities in the developing world and a critique of Western low horizons are the focus of this compelling documentary. Visit the website for trailer and more details.

Corruptababble: Is poverty caused by thieving politicians and third world gangsters? No, but our obsession with corruption in Africa is endemic. Visit the website for trailer and more details.

Buy both films together for just £10 (plus p&p).

Flush it

Flush It

Price: £7

The short trailer on this site merely gives you a glimpse of Flush it. The full version of the film on DVD is 42 minutes long and truly compelling. The DVD also contains many extras including: more key features from the Flushed with Pride Exhibition, additional scenes from Twyfords and glimpses of new technologies. The DVD also features excerpts from seven more WORLDwrite films. Available to order now, Flush it provides a fascinating story and exceptional educative material. The charity is happy for the film to be screened everywhere with no copyright restrictions. Order it here, encourage some serious debate and enjoy...

Running time: 42:00. Visit the website for more details.

Limited Edition The More the Merrier T-Shirt

Limited Edition The More the Merrier T-Shirt

Solidarity Price: £10

Cost Price: £5

Buy a The More the Merrier T-shirt and help get the message across that freedom of movement for all is a must!

Watch an interview with volunteers supporting WORLDwrite's pro-immigration campaign on the 5k women's challenge here.

Solidarity Price: £5 will support the charity's campaign to get the film The More the Merrier screened and raise debate in support of Open Borders. Click here to watch the trailer and to find out more.

Pricking the Missionary Position series

Damned by Debt ReliefThink BIGKeeping Africa SmallI'm a subsistence farmer... get me out of here!

Price: £25

The Pricking the Missionary Position series puts our peers' aspirations on the map and challenges the poverty of ambition the West has for the developing world. Shot in Ghana, the series questions the work of NGOs in the developing world, reveals the draconian strings attached to so-called "debt relief", showcases ambitious Ghanaians who are making development happen, and reveals the truth behind subsistence living.

Visit the individual films' websites below for more details.



Price: £7

Is poverty caused by thieving politicians, third world gangsters and a global crimewave? No, but our obsession with corruption in Africa is endemic. So say Brendon and Yolanda, two young South Africans who are sick of the finger pointing. This powerful documentary suggests it is time to ditch the corruptababble.

Running time: 42:21. Visit the website for more details.

Damned by Debt Relief

Damned by Debt Relief

Price: £7

Damned by Debt Relief challenges the Live8-G8 debt relief jamboree. Eloquent and angry Ghanaians cut through the spin and explain; debt relief provided no new money and draconian conditions applied. Damned by donor diktat, Ghanaians are not impressed by the West's supposed largesse.

Running time: 28:00. Visit the website for more details.

Think BIG

Think BIG

Price: £7

Shot in Ghana by a volunteer crew, Think BIG showcases Ghanaians with big aspirations and big plans. Flash hotels, fab homes and full-on modernity are where it's at; dependence makes Ghanaians sick. The film turns the usual pity fest on its head and showcases Ghanaians who are making it. The film shows that some development is happening and that Africa is not one great morass of extreme poverty.

Running time: 28:40. Visit the website for more details.

Keeping Africa Small

Keeping Africa Small

Solidarity Price: £15

Cost Price: £7

From small-scale projects to HIV/AIDS programmes, NGOs are everywhere in the developing world. However well meaning they may be, their programmes epitomise low horizons and often get up the noses of everyone. Godbless, Wofa, De Roy and local fishermen and women loathe the peanuts offered and sanctimonious lessons in good behaviour. They want jobs and material advancement, and for NGOs and aid agencies to stop treating them like children.

Running time: 26:00. Visit the website for more details.

Solidarity Price: £5 will go towards the charity's Wofa Wants Everything appeal.

I'm a subsistence farmer... get me out of here!

I'm a subsistence farmer... get me out of here!

Price: £7

As Westerners celebrate nature and the so-called simple life, many in the developing world yearn for the comforts of urban modernity. Shot in Ghana, the film is packed with hard-hitting truths which may disturb Western romantic notions of rural life. We learn that many would rather live in an urban shanty town than stay stuck in subsistence life in rural areas, which means mud huts and mind-numbing toil.

Running time: 27:45. Visit the website for more details.