The new populism

Britain’s vote to leave the EU is the latest event to be referred to as ‘populist’. Along with support for: Trump; Syriza in Greece; Podemos in Spain; the Five Star Movement in Italy and even Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, the concept of populism is largely used in a derogatory way. But is it all bad news and driven by racist, right wing xenophobia? Or is there something to celebrate in an upsurge of popular discontent? In this engaging debate an inspiring international panel and audience unpick what’s going on to great effect.

The speakers are: Nick Cater, executive director, Menzies Research Centre, Australia; columnist, The Australian; Ian Dunt, editor,; political editor, Erotic Review; Ivan Krastev, chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia; permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna; Jill Rutter, programme director, Institute for Government & Bruno Waterfield, Brussels correspondent, The Times; co-author, No Means No. The chair is Claire Fox, director, Institute of Ideas; panellist, BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze & author, I Find That Offensive.