Soul on the slab: Is there no limit to what neuroscience can do?

Despite the tremendous potential of breakthroughs in neuroscience, there is now increasing disquiet at the alleged exaggerations made in its name. Critics argue the overzealous application of brain science undermines notions of free will and responsibility, reducing all human behaviour to crude determinism. Meanwhile, the supposed unlocking of the human mind has attracted fashionable enthusiasm far beyond science: policy makers, pollsters, artists, lawyers now see neuroscience as the key to unlocking everything from why consumers make certain choices to crime. Are they spouting ‘neurobollocks’ or are we less autonomous than we think? Filmed at the Battle of Ideas festival at the Barbican, this debate will fire more than a few neurons. The speakers are: Julian Baggini; Dr Bill Durodié; Professor Geraint Rees; Dr Sally Satel and the Chair is Claire Fox.