Goodbye Mr Chips: Can research tell teachers how to teach?

Research sceptics maintain that education is about an open-ended, subjective relationship between teacher and students, one that can’t be measured by the scientific method. Are they right, or is this a romanticised, Mr Chips view of teaching that should be dropped in favour of research evidence that will improve educational outcomes? In this debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, these ideas are contested and explored.

The speakers are Professor Frank Furedi sociologist and social commentator; Munira Mirza deputy mayor, education and culture, Greater London Authority; Nick Rose teacher leading practitioner in psychology and research and Jack Marwood primary school teacher, education writer, Icing on the Cake blog. The chair is Kevin Rooney politics teacher and head of social science, Queen’s School, Bushey. The session is introduced by Chris Muller, head, Sir William Perkins’s School.

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