Think BIG


Think BIG showcases Ghanaians with big aspirations and big plans. Flash hotels, fab homes and full-on modernity are where it’s at. The film turns the usual pity fest on its head and showcases Ghanaians who are making it. This short documentary shows that some development is happening - Africa is not one great morass of extreme poverty. Aspirant Ghanaians (not aid workers) are responsible for some good news and bold ideas. Backing their ambitions might do our peers more favours than either the pennies we pop in tins to make us feel better or the survival-only goals prioritised in the West.

Tomato farmer Lawrence wants a factory; Kwame Agyapong is building a film school and has visions of tourist vistas on Ghana’s deserted beaches; Patricia Ocloo loves her sofa, modern bathroom and resents the idea that being better off means you don’t care; Emmanuel Chance is expanding a luxury hotel. They are eloquent, aspirant and ambitious for themselves and their peers. They want full-on modernity. As David Ampofo puts it, in a moving end to the film: "Oh that this country will really become great... we won’t be stuck in so much dependence, it makes me sick."

Think BIG was shot in Ghana by a volunteer crew and forms part of the Pricking the Missionary Position series.