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STOP PRESS! Major articles on the film A letter to Geldof have featured in The Telegraph, The Irish Independent on Sunday, The Hackney Gazette, and on BBC Radio, Sound Radio and Voice of Africa Radio, all in the past week! More major articles are scheduled as the WORLDwrite centre has been inundated with press enquiries about this important story.

A short 4-minute version of A letter to Geldof won the HypTV - Raindance award judged by M & C Saatchi for "originality, pushing the boundaries of film, concept and entertainment value".

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Launch a huge success!

A letter to Geldof was shown alongside Think BIG at the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in London on Monday March 26th 2007 to an invited crowd. All proceeds after costs will be donated to the Ajumako-Bisease appeal.

Below are some of the comments made on the night:

"The saying that one should never trust a white man was very much highlighted in the film. Bob's dishonesty was vividly exposed and I think that should serve as a reminder if not a lesson to local chiefs not only in Ghana but Africa as a whole to be wary of future exploiters to Africa. This should also serve as a warning to all the media houses in the western world to stop and think before publicising productions of such nature as in the case of BBC1 and Channel 4 who now seems to appear as victims. My appreciation to the WORLDwrite crew in their effort in exposing such a dubious activity by so-called Sir Bob Geldof."

Samuel Ashun, Publisher, Sankofa Magazine

"It was quite eye-opening because, in the past when I used to hear about Live8 and Bob Geldof, I always thought it was a huge success, that is until I realised the depth of his betrayal to Bisease in Ghana."

Afusat Damilola Taiuso, Student

"Brilliant. A real wake-up call, as WORLDwrite films always are. Can't believe the Geldof stuff and hope to see outraged headlines soon! Well done everyone."

Rachel James, Publicity Officer

"Do you have a heart sir. If you do then please stick to your promise.  If it was you in the place they were in how would you feel?  Just sit and think and please help!"

Johndit Dimbu, Student

"A letter to Geldof is an interesting documentary, which depicts the contradiction between poverty itself and what we think poverty actually is."

Yasemin, Retail Manager

"I think this documentary is very interesting because it gives an insight on how people in Ghana really feel about what is going on, it also shows how insensitive Geldof really is to not give what he promised, he really disappointed those he promised and now they are left with nothing which upsets me because it is a serious situation but Geldof acts like it is nothing."

Charelle Samuels, Student

"I was amazed sir Bob took the role and has so far failed to deliver any form of advice or financial help."

Kofi Akosa 

"Finally, a discussion about Africa that involves Africans!! It is a shame 'Sir' Bob made himself unavailable for comment - maybe another chief ceremony will entice him out of hiding?? Both films were thought provoking and shown Africa in another light-away from the usual AIDS, poverty, famine etc - well done!"

Desiree Weston

"A really refreshing perspective on the pity politics that passes as 'development'. I know Geldof functioned as a kind of symbol for the wider liberal Western approach, but I feel there could have been more emphasis on the deeply engrained systemic ways in which the 'south' is underdeveloped, rather than pinning it on individual personality (but that's being very picky - I really enjoyed both films), and of course you need characters to bring the issues home."

Mike Upton, Film Student, Granda Centre for Visual Anthropology

"A letter to Geldof is a good documentary that shows the way he betrayed the trust of the Ghanaians.  He betrayed the Ghanaians by not fulfilling his promises, which the Ghanaians had held tight on since the last 3 years."

Buka Ojomu, Student

"What Geldof did was wrong, he should keep to his promises and refrain from lying! If he could not do it – why say it."

Ayodele Osunsami, Student

"Excellent thought provoking film."

Sylvia Arthur, Journalist, What's On Ghana

"I think that A letter to Geldof was a very informative about what most people in the world are truly about and what Ghana truly want.  Ghana doesn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it but instead be given a chance to develop Bisease into a great place to be."

John Adesanya, Student

"A letter to Geldof - superb! It's interesting to observe the naivety of Geldof considering his profile and experience. The people of Bisease were in point with their expectations, and disappointments, yet perversely the experience was humorous as they had pointedly positioned themselves to benefit from his celebrity."

Steve Ofori, Accountant

"I think that this documentary opened my eyes to Live8. I always thought that these type of charities were doing the best for developing countries instead of being hypocrites and dictating to the people that they are supposed to be helping."

Phoebe, Student

"What an insight and exposť - time to get real about it!"

Simon Belt, Technical Consultant, Simply Better IT

"I believe this documentary really helped me to learn the truth about Bob Geldof and find his true goal.  I really liked this documentary and saw different aspects of my country that I otherwise may not have known."

Jessica Asumang, Student