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Get Involved: Tour Online Networker


Opportunity Details

This is a role for volunteers who want to try their hand at online networking: generating interest, developing contacts, increasing web hits and gathering feedback. The networker's role will involve writing commentaries, researching similar sites, knowing or getting to know all the aggregating tools such as Digg It! and, as well as blog sites and social spaces, from Facebook to My Space. The role involves getting the word out about the project and sustaining links with organisations, individuals and websites that may be useful, interested or ready to help. From swapping web links to video clips to encouraging subscribers, this role is as wide as you want it to be. It's a great role for a team player with imagination, willingness to experiment, good IT literacy and determination. Creating and sustaining an online network for a project that covers on foot and on film tours that challenge the status quo and doesn't tell people what they already know is an exciting and experimental role. If it's too much to take on, smaller tasks are always possible. Input in terms of time is entirely flexible for this role.


Skills Required

Basic IT literacy.


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