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The London Behind the Scenes walking tours are available for groups or individuals; please go to the Tour Booking page to book a place online. Recent comments on the St Katharine Docks and Wapping tour have included:


"St Katharine's Docks stands in the shadow of one of the capitals most famous land marks and is barely noticed by the City's visitors and tourists. Our guide, Saleha, demonstrated why more should be known about such an overlooked area. Saleha brought alive the story of the monumental rise and fall of the City's shipping and manufacturing industry and the impact this had on the national economy, global politics and London's East End communities. The tour was pitched at a good level, too many walking tours patronise their audience or simplify the area of history on which they focus. Saleha presented not just a wealth of information and rich historical detail, but also framed the tour in a way that enabled those attending to consider what industrial changes mean for real people. The tour investigated and questioned the impact of regeneration, particularly in regard to the communities that would have traditionally provided the main workforce for London's docks. I strongly recommend taking a tour."

Richard King, Social Justice Programme, Paul Hamlyn Foundation


"I thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour of St Katharine's Dock and Wapping. It was well researched, with an interesting original theme and was presented by a very engaging tour guide. I am looking forward to going on future walks."

Liz, Paul Hamlyn Foundation


"It was a very interesting tour. I never knew there was so much history in St Katharine Docks. In fact, that was my first time at the docks. Saleha was a good guide and shed a lot of light on the history of Britain's industrial revolution and development."

Halima, student


"Gus & I both really enjoyed the tour of the Docks & dockers. We have been recommending the tour to others, and hope to attend any other tours you may offer.


"My only comment for improvement would be that the initial meeting place should be moved to a location where there is far less background noise, as I couldn't hear hardly anything that was said there, and almost gave up on the tour at the very beginning in frustration. I am glad I didn't, as I could hear everything at every other spot where we stopped for comments after that, and thought all the information was both well researched and presented beautifully."

Helen and Gus Brattin-Wilson


"A refreshing tour to say the least. From beginning to end, it was an enthralling mixture of facts and politics bringing to life the East End, but not how you're used to thinking about it. The calibre of knowledge and the level of passion of the tour guide is inspiring. I wish my students lived closer to London."

School teacher, Glasgow


"Whenever you think about London, you think of a postcard picture of the Big Wheel, the Houses of Parliament or London Underground. You think of its ancient history of kings and queens, but you hardly think about the Victorians and what they gave to this great city and the rest of the world – an industrial nation with a vision for the future. There is so much new and interesting insight on this tour, I am so glad I went."

Student from the United States


"I think this should definitely be a part of anyone's sightseeing plans when they visit London. This is an off-the-beaten-track view of London and it inspires you to think about the wider issues that affect us everywhere, especially our modern-day pessimism towards progress."

Tourist from Germany



London Behind the Scenes film launch


The launch and screening of the first two films for WORLDwrite's London Behind the Scenes project was a huge success. The More the Merrier and Cash Back, which examine immigration and remittances, were screened with guest speakers to a packed audience. Well done to all the volunteers who made this event happen. The films received rave reviews and recommendations and are now available on DVD providing crucial material to kick start positive debate on immigration and freedom of movement for all.


View a short film made on the launch night below, and for comments from the audience please click here.



InterviewPlease click article titles below to view the full versions.


Immigrants: the more the merrier

by Nathalie Rothschild


Cash Back: A real story

by Holly Ellyatt with research by Saleha Ali


Comments from the premieres: 20th April 2008


The More the Merrier


"Tackles the immigration issue very well and pinpoints the fact that without people emigrating, some of the world's greatest minds would not have been discovered and that without emigration the world would have had slower progress."

Cosmin Zamfir, Student


"This was very interesting and put together very well... I was unaware of many of the things mentioned to do with the immigration policy here in the UK so it raised my awareness a whole lot and I think it made a lot of sense."

Kevin K, Entertainment Co


"Informative and very, very well put together without being condescending. Loved this as a doc!"

Aziannida Samingan, Formosa Films


"Fantastic, a fresh and honest film which brings in the perspective of people who cannot move freely around the world. Divergent and conclusive."

Diana Contreras, Student


"Excellent. It presented a concise argument considering the historical evidence in favour of the immigration movement. Appropriately timed, the film remained interesting and informative. There was also a personal touch which I feel added value as we could see someone and hear their story making the issue so much more relavent."

Harjinder Hullen


"An excellent movie. I learnt a lot about immigration and I was surprised at what I too learnt from a short film. I especially enjoyed the sense of change that was palpable in the movie – there is an urgent need to change narrow minded and conservative mindsets in order to enjoy and thrive in a multicultural society. The immigration debate is crucially important today."

Simon Watson, Architecture Student


"Really nice editing. I loved the plot and how it was built! I think it really helps to understand what immigration means for a country. I felt myself in there, because I came to London to study and work freely, as I am from Europe and I feel very sad that not everybody can do it."

Emma Gosa's, Student/Au pair


"I really loved it! As an immigrant I also internalise the discourse on immigration that normally the media puts across. When I saw the film, I felt empowered. Love the very British music."

Beatriz Villoite, Refuge in films


"It was great to hear and see intelligent rational views on embracing change for the better."

Lynn Burchell


"It's really wonderful how the movie depicted such a strong and popular issue in a very light-hearted yet serious manner. It makes perfect sense for the people of developing countries to have the same right, same access of movement compared to their counterparts in developed countries."

Hussain Motiloala, Student


"Really fantastic, it's great to see a very well put together argument that challenges the views on anti-immigration that British society is saturated with today."

Moshell, Unemployed


"Being Irish, I see the similarities and the same problems in my own country toward immigration, but I never hear the real story. It's been an eye opener to hear from everyone affected by this problem. Thanks."

Gavin Connolly, Electrician


"Very well edited, unsentimental documentary. Hooray for no chest beating! As an immigrant into "Great" Britain myself, I was encouraged to attend this screening. Due to my nationality and skin colour (white Irish) I'm well aware of historical racism and the irony of anti-immigration sentiment on my own island too. I'm sending this one home lads – WELL DONE!"

Jennifer Moor, Office intern


"Clear, motivating, it's proof of being able to change what we are against."

Diana Penaloza, Student


"A fantastic film/documentary that shows a positive and truthful perspective of 'immigrants'. After all, we all have an immigrant heritage somewhere in our family. Keep on, Keep on!"

Camapo Manuna, Journalism Student


"Beautifully put together and I agreed a lot more than I thought I would."



"I think the film was good, it showed the benefits of immigration to this country. We need less border controls, the points based system is unfair, it stops most people from coming here. We are all citizens of this planet; we should be free to travel."



"Excellent. It put forward an argument that is seldom, if ever, heard in the mainstream. It did go in a way that was clear, logical and without any drama or hysteria, which makes it very hard to criticise."

Owen Joseph, Tourist Guide


"Good, great perspective of showing the rights of those in terms of emigration of people in the 'developed world' and then asking why these rights are not extended to others."



"Wonderful documentary; it explains to British people that they were in the past emigrants too, so they don't forget that they have been in our same situation."

Alejandra Guzman, Student


"I really enjoyed this film. It reminded me of the time I worked for an embassy where I had to welcome people and let them know if they had the "right" or "wrong" passport to go on holiday, work or even study. That's a very strange feeling to put a stop to people's dreams, ambitions and friendship just like that."

N'dour Willi, Clients manager


"A good mix of information, narrative and debate interweaved. Good sound quality."

Paul Wright, Lecturer, Graphic designer


"Very informative, interesting and clearly a point to discuss, debate etc. Hope that more people will support it and make it mainstream."

Julie Kelly, Filmmaker


"Technically brilliant. Also interesting."



"Develops its argument very well and doesn't try to be nice. No time wasted. Well done."

Tobias Hering, Journalist & film curator


"I love the film and music. This argument needs to be heard more. I like the mix of history and modern day. This should be shown everywhere."

Linda Kotiri


"An engrossing film putting forward persuasive arguments about what immigrants bring into our society and questioning what we really know about immigration."

Jason Wingrove, Producer/Cameraman


"Very good documentary. I liked that it demonstrated that the world as it is today is a product of mass immigration over the course of history..."

Zaake DeConinck


Cash Back


"Gives you a different view about how poor countries are helping themselves by sending cash back to the countries of origin. Informative, clear and impartial."

Diana Contreras, Student


"Very good! Touching on a perspective not often appreciated. The official stats provided added value to the argument."

Harjinder Hullen


"Had one clear idea to put forward that worked – good."

Sue Shutter, Researcher


"Great film. Was nice to meet different members of the community and see the way in which they help develop theirs and their relative's lives in other countries by making money here and sending it home."

Moshell, Unemployed


"Great film. It's so important for the law to change. Everyone on the film gave me a warm glow. People who love and care about their families so much, they leave them (which must be the hardest thing ever), to work abroad to support them. Testament to the human spirit of love and kindness."

Gavin Connolly, Electrician


"I learned interesting things with this film. I never had the idea that the money people send back home is far more than the international aid. WELL DONE!!!"

Felicia Luvumba, Student


"I really enjoyed it because it opened my eyes. Very informative documentary. THANK YOU ALL – SO GLAD WE CAME TONIGHT."

Jennifer Moor, Office intern


"It is always good to remember why you move to England and that you are still working hard to send money to help your family."

Camapo Manuna, Journalism Student


"It was very interesting to see the film since it gives me the incentive to research more about remittances. To be honest, I was very surprised to hear that about 20.25% of people who send money back were born here."

Evalina Caudumba, Secretary


"Very interesting. The interesting part in this movie is the fact that I know that immigrants from Africa and Asia, especially, are struggling every day to be part of a country like the UK, struggling sending money back to their home country. This movie refreshed my memory and I thank you for that."

Franck Gaudilliere


"It very concisely tells people something that they (and me) didn't know about the nature of remittances."

Owen Joseph, Tourist Guide


"Remittances: excellent way of showing immigrants are helping themselves and their extended families."



"Very bold, very real film, they say the real situation. We as immigrants send money to our country, every week we kill ourselves to send money home..."

Alejandra Guzman, Student


"I know I am not the only one to send money home and that makes the point even more strongly. At some point I paid more visits to Western Union than to some of my friends... I think it's important, but sending money is not all we can do. There are ideas to put together an infrastructure to build in our parents' countries. But it's true that money helps."

N'dour Willi, Clients manager


"Point taken about sending money home."

Julie Kelly, Filmmaker


"This was an excellent documentary. It demonstrates the reality and way of life followed by immigrants throughout our world. Immigrants are perceived as leeches feeding off of 1st world economies when essentially their contributions to developing countries is potentially greater than those made by the extremely wealthy and powerful countries that we live in."

Zaake DeConinck


"Fascinating film highlighting the different ways society can contribute to world poverty and bypass government and charity intervention, and provide assistance directly to people in most need."

Jason Wingrove, Producer/Cameraman



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