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Get Involved: Tour Musicians


Opportunity Details

Working with WORLDwrite and its fledgling not-for-profit film company Chew on it productions, this is a role for volunteers who want to make music count in documentaries that will have an impact on the world. Often underestimated, music is crucial for all films, and can include composition as well as music technology and mixing. The need for creativity, imagination, a background in one or more musical instruments and a clear understanding of what's needed is critical, as well as teamwork, to ensure that everyone understands making the best music can make or break a documentary. The opportunity exists to take on full responsibility for this work, or to take on a smaller role helping out, assisting with recording or mixing. A musician will be a key player in this project and will be credited for all work. Time and input in this role are entirely flexible.


Skills Required

Experience with one or more musical instruments is required.


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