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Get Involved: Tour Film Assistant Producers


Opportunity Details

WORLDwrite needs creative thinkers to help create and produce short documentaries investigating London's hidden treasures and dark secrets, for online and screen broadcast in the run up to the Olympics. Working with WORLDwrite and its fledgling not-for-profit film company Chew on it productions, this is a role for volunteers who want to try their hand at producing a documentary. The assistant producer's role is a big one. Administrative work, from contacting and drafting professional letters and material to checking detailed timetables and contacting crew members, is 90% of the job. Working on films that challenge the status quo, the opportunity exists for volunteers to assist with all aspects of an assistant producer's role, or to take on smaller tasks such as preparing pitches, searching for footage and researching interview subjects, background material and ideas.


Skills Required

None, but a commitment to global equality is a must!


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