Ajumako-Bisease Appeal

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I am Nana Okofo Kwakora Gyan III, the Ajumako-Bisease chief. My town is about 27,000 in population and our main income is farming and our main crops are coca, plantain, yams, cassava, maize and pepper. It is a town in the central region of Ghana, West Africa.

It is a town that desperately needs major development. Due to the poverty we enstooled Sir Bob Geldof as our development chief to help us as he has done a lot for Africa. But since his instalment as development chief we have never seen or heard from him again.

This is why we have decided to appeal to the world. We need resources especially for new school facilities. We also need a hospital and to pay trained medical staff, a library, a covered market with a lorry park, our town roads are not good and we need running water in people’s homes.

Every penny you can donate will be appreciated and put to great use.

Thank you.

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