Contributors (in order of appearance)
De Roy Kwesi Andrew Researcher and Teacher
Ceri Dingle Director, WORLDwrite
Patience Agbetti Headmistress, Tsibu Bethel, Volta Region
Bishop Sitsofe Feyi Tsibu Bethel, Volta Region
Professor Akilaagpa Sawyerr Secretary General, Association of African Universities
Ceri Dingle Director
Viv Regan Producer
Ian Foster and Andy Hirst Cinematography and Camera
Terri Badham and Sadhavi Sharma Sound
Steve Daley Trasna Producer
Helen Sewell Production Assistant and Research
De Roy Kwesi Andrew Researcher and Translator
Kyle Duncan Web Design
Balint Tusor Editor
Nathan Furlonge Graphic Design
Athanasia Pappas Post-production Assistant
Millicent Kumeni Translator
India Rose Gebler and Robin Welsh Film Logging and Research
Justine Minkiewicz and Emmy Wasirwa Film Logging and Research
Carol Dodsworth and Asmita Damania Film Logging
Keresha Thomas and Holly Stead Film Logging
Elikem - Ewe songs
Peacespeakers - In the end
Chaos Cleaner - Everyone

With special thanks to: John, Comfort, Cephus, Christian, Efornam, Elizabeth and all the subsistence farmers in Tsibu Bethel, Volta region, and members and residents of the Old Fadama community in Accra, Ghana.


A Pricking the Missionary Position film
A Chew on it production in partnership with WORLDwrite


© November 2007. Chew on it productions and WORLDwrite