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Escaping Nature: The Reality of Subsistence Life - De Roy Kwesi Andrew


Comments from the London Premiere

"There is a lot that we take for granted in the West, including modern agricultural farming equipment. In the West we live the dream. In the developing countries poor people live a nightmare!"

M Mensah, Probation Officer


"Very informative. I now know what farmers and the people living in the cities really want."

Alison Francis, Administrator


"How could anyone feel romantic towards the life people are living as subsistence farmers in the developing world? I get so angry when I hear people arguing about the need to defend indigenous 'cultures' or 'ways of life', especially when they are referring to subsistence farming. Poverty and toil are not choices, nor are they part of a cultural tradition; they are nightmarish obstacles to the progress of people in the developing world. If anybody truly feels subsistence life is something worth defending, I suggest they do a 'life swap' with a subsistence farmer to see just how peculiar and wrong such a position really is."

Kyle Duncan, Web Designer


"It was really moving to see the farmers talking about their aspirations and ambitions, despite the relentless toil they have to endure day after day. You couldn't script that."

Georgia Dolenz, Actress


"I have not previously fully appreciated the implications of subsistence farming and feel that your film has provided an overview and an insight into the very real and complex milieu."

Jennifer Wills, Trainee Psychologist