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June to July 21 Citizen TV Package

Making Citizen TV – A Summer of Freedom Package

Whether you are a seasoned film-maker or have never picked up a camera, we welcome your input this summer. We are keeping the best of our online sessions but can now facilitate face-to-face camera train & shoot days in the studio and on the streets, with all the film gear needed. We’ll also be holding our long-awaited filmed freedom picnic. The package will result in programmes for distribution online for which all volunteers will be credited and in the media world credits are currency. It will culminate in a party and screening of some of the films made alongside key films produced during lockdown. Our intrepid crews from the past year will finally be able to meet each other in person and celebrate their collective creations.

Thursday 17th June 7.30pm via Zoom Citizen TV Makers Introductory Event Meet the team and the new crew, discuss what we do, what the new package involves and decide if it’s for you.

Sunday 20th June 3pm via Zoom Shooting from home Shooting with your mobile or recording with a webcam has been a mainstay during lockdown and it has its uses beyond that too. In this session we’ll look at how to get the best out of your mobile or webcam. From teleprompters to interviews, a workshop on what is possible, with tips for everyone to start shooting.

Thursday 24th June 7.30pm via Zoom Content matters In this online brainstorming session we’ll discuss challenging ideas and plan for up to four programmes, shows or short films which volunteers will shoot in the month ahead.

Face-To-Face Train & Shoot The following sessions involve camera training at the WORLDwrite centre in East London in preparation for actual shoots the next day to create the programmes, shows, spoofs or short films discussed. Volunteers will need to select just ONE day of camera training and a consecutive shoot day, to ensure crew sizes remain manageable and within Covid regulations.

Dates to chose from:

Wednesday 30th June Train & Thursday 1st July Shoot 10am-5pm Both days

Saturday 3rd July Train & Sunday 4th July Shoot 10am-5pm Both days

Wednesday 7th of July Train & Thursday 8th of July Shoot 10am-5pm Both days

Tuesday 13th Train & Wednesday 14th July Shoot 10am-5pm Both days

Day One This is a daylong hands-on workshop to get to know the basics of working with WORLDwrite’s cameras, sound kit & lighting ready to shoot the next day. This will take place at the WORLDwrite Centre in East London. Whether you have never picked up a camera or are a seasoned film maker you will need to know WORLDwrite’s kit to shoot with us.

Day Two: The second day will involve shooting a show, short film, view on the streets or even a spoof in your crew.

Sunday 25th July 2pm Freedom of Assembly Filmed Picnic at WORLDwrite with guests: A chance to take part in an actual show in front and behind the camera. Filmed outside, complete with nibbles and invited guests, this Citizen TV show will examine freedom of assembly and what’s happened to the right to protest.

Thursday 29th July 7.30pm Footage review, Promotion and Evaluation Via Zoom.  What have we created? What can we do with it? What could we do better? In this discussion, we’ll mull over what we’ve achieved and discuss ways to get our creations watched. Mainstream TV and major movie makers spend millions on marketing-we’ll work together on ways to win an audience with no budget. We’ll discuss what’s next too.

Sunday 1st August 2pm: Garden Party & Screening We’re hosting a party to screen the key collective works our volunteers worked hard to create during lockdown alongside a film or two from this package. A unique opportunity too for everyone to meet and celebrate.