“I was impressed by the ‘hands on’ filming experience. I loved the friendly atmosphere and being part of a platform unafraid to critique mainstream thoughts..”

Free Citizen TV Training for volunteers

The charity runs part-time training for volunteers aged 16-25 interested in film, video, TV, journalism and the creative industries.

With the relaxation of restrictions, training packages now combine online sessions via zoom, with face-to-face camera training and shoots with all equipment provided. These volunteer packages are free, thanks to support from the Jack Petchey Foundation and friends of the charity.

Everyone interested needs to complete the simple application below, no one is turned away and no previous skills are required.  You will need to attend an online introductory event to take part in the next package and become part of the crew at 7.30pm on Wednesday 22nd September. Full session dates and details for this special next package are below.  A zoom link for the introductory event will be sent to everyone who applies. Scroll down to apply.

Reminder dates and details for the August package (which is full) are available here.

Making Citizen TV – A Unique Autumn Package

Whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or have never picked up a camera, we’d welcome your input this autumn. We are keeping the best of our online sessions but for this special package will have face-to-face camera training & practice sessions. These are to prepare for filming at the two-day Battle of Ideas Festival.

The package will result in over 20 filmed high-level debates for distribution online for which all volunteers will be credited. Volunteers will also receive a Battle of Ideas festival pass to access all debates and local travel expenses. Scroll down to check out the session dates involved and complete the short application at the bottom. No one is turned away but when we are full, we’re full!


The charity has just made its much acclaimed, award-winning feature documentary Every Cook Can Govern: The life, impact & works of C.L.R. James freely available to view on YouTube. On Tuesday 2nd September 7.30pm the charity will be hosting a discussion on the making of the film via Zoom with Co-Director Ceri Dingle. Watch the film here and email us for the Zoom link to join the discussion.

The Autumn Special Package

Wednesday 22nd September 7.30pm via Zoom: Citizen TV Makers Introductory Event. Meet the team and the new crew, discuss what we do, what this special festival package involves, and decide if it’s for you.

Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th September 10am-5pm: Face-To-Face Camera Training: Volunteers will need to attend ONE of these intensive days to get to know the basics of working with WORLDwrite’s cameras, sound kit & lighting ready to shoot debates at the Battle of Ideas festival.

Tuesday 28th September, Wednesday 29th September, Thursday 30th September 2-4.30pm or 7-9.30pm each day. Volunteers will need to pick two of these practice sessions to hone their camera skills and be ready to operate as professional crew at the festival.

Sunday 3rd October 10am -5pm Festival logistics day. On this intensive day, all WORLDwrite festival volunteers will meet up to discuss all arrangements: the venue layout; the debates programme; equipment hired; to form crews; complete rotas; collect T shirts and take part in a final setup practice. Lunch will be provided.

Tuesday 5th October 10-12.30, 2-4.30 or 7-9.30pm Film Gear Preparation. Volunteers will need to pick ONE slot to come and help with final film kit preparation and packing.

Saturday 9th October & Sunday 10th October 8am -6pm Filming at the Battle of Ideas Festival. Volunteers will need to be able to attend both full days as part of the crew. There will be free time to attend further debates and sessions, lunch and local travel costs will be provided. There is usually an after party which volunteers will be welcome to attend and we’ll have our own evaluation, celebration and next steps session for all crew.

Festival details and tickets for non-crew including free tickets for school students are available at https://www.battleofideas.org.uk/london-battle-of-ideas-festival-2021/  You can also check out lots of videos of debates filmed by WORLDwrite-WORLDbytes volunteers at previous festivals here: https://www.worldwrite.org.uk/category/debates/ to get the measure of it.

Read on to apply

We do not want you to send us CVs, we do need to know you understand that this is voluntary work. This package is for people interested in helping the charity produce Citizen TV programmes and films and it is the content and ideas that matter. We welcome newcomers to the UK, you don’t need any film skills at all and we won’t judge you on your English. We cover a huge range of issues but as an education charity, we do have some basic principles which we promote on our channel WORLDbytes and through the documentaries we make.

We believe in:

  • Democracy for all and the more direct the better
  • Economic growth & serious development for all globally
  • Challenging all forms of prejudice, anti-democratic and anti-human trends
  • Freedom of speech and advancing civil liberties
  • Challenging distrust, fear and intervention in everyday life
  • Supporting our peers globally managing their own affairs without foreign intervention
  • Advancing new knowledge, ideas and critical thinking
  • Global equality and equal rights for all

To take part in the next part-time package, complete the simple application form below and confirm you can attend the introductory session.

Places fill up very fast, so don’t delay!

Apply for free Citizen TV training

Please watch the short WORLDbytes film clips below to give you an idea of the type of programmes we make and then complete the simple application form in full. Application forms with no comments on the videos indicated, will not be accepted. Once you have submitted your form we will be in touch to confirm your place and provide you with the Zoom link for the introductory evening.