“WORLDbytes has helped me to realise that my work can make an impact.”

On joining WORLDbytes, I was afforded a wealth of experience in all aspects of the film-making industry; from operating a camera, to interviewing techniques, to copyrighting and transcribing. All this I  learnt through practical, on-the-job experience that ranged from attending masterclasses taught by Bloomberg journalists, to filming the Battle of Ideas festival at the Barbican, to capturing voxpops on the streets of Hackney.

But this is far from all that WORLDbytes has given me. WORLDbytes doesn’t just make programmes, it makes pieces with a real, and important  message. Volunteers at WORLDbytes constantly challenge both themselves and the world around them. In this way, WORLDbytes has helped me to realise that my work can make an impact; that my belief in the power of journalism is shared by a large group of individuals with a passion for affecting change. This opportunity to broaden my mind and outlook, even more than the practical skills and experience, is invaluable.