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This page has been set aside to provide a special thank you to sponsors and individuals who have provided invaluable support for WORLDwrite's exchange programmes.

On behalf of WORLDwrite and everyone involved in the Brazil Exchange we like to thank in particular The Brazilian Ambassador Rubens Barbossa, Tovar Nunes and Nelson Lafria from the Embassy.
Without their enormous support and help this exchange would not have such a remarkable itinerary.
Over one hundred groups and organisations in Brazil have contributed to this exchange from the Rupper Tapper's Council to the many NGO's, senators, mayors, state governors and neighbourhood projects who are receiving participants.

WORLDwrite exchange participants would also like to toast the few but significant bodies who have provided financial assistance for this exchange. The millennium commission have supported three participants Neil Ross, Gregoire Le Divellec and Paula Smith with a substantial grant.
The Simons Charity, Laings and the Florence & Don McGregor Trusts have also provided small grants for individuals.

SHELL International have made a unique and invaluable contribution by providing the latest in video Camera equipment, video training for two participants and promised to help print participants' report back stories.

STA through whom we have booked our awkward flight requests also deserve commendation for putting up with so many changes, along with Varig airlines who have been kind enough to keep our air fairs as low as possible.

Finally, everyone at WORLDwrite would like to thank the long-suffering volunteers, teachers, parents and individuals who have done everything from Bungee jumping to fund-raising in the Glastonbury mud.


The Brazilian Embassy

The Simons Charity


Florence & Don McGregor Trusts

SHELL International

STA Travel