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‘I am interested in the third world and particularly in the issue of indigenism. I have experienced the third world first hand and would like to do some work related to it.’
Pip Arnold, age 17 years, Tonbridge Girls Grammar School.
‘I want to help people who haven’t had the chances, opportunities and choices that I have had.’
Alexandre Apsan Frediani, age 16 years, Camden School for Girls. Interests: computing, sports, playing the piano
‘After having seen the way many people in the developing world live and the way in which their lives are discussed, I want to challenge Western prejudices of people in the South and their role.’
Neil Ross, age 18 years, WORLDwrite National Schools Co-ordinator. Interests: music, reading, going out.
‘I am eager to find out not only how I can help but also the ways in which local initiatives can be supported.’
Helen Sewell, age 17 years, William Ellis School. Interests: music, swimming, arts, craft, design.
‘I feel that taking part in this exchange would probably be one of the most inspiring things I could do, learning about problems people really face and how they want their lives changed.’
Shaima Elnour, age 18 years, Warlingham School. Interests: reading, Duke of Edinburgh scheme.
‘I would like to take part in this exchange because I feel that in order to appreciate the reality of a situation, you should experience it and do all you can to help it.’
Filomena Distafeno-Peek, age 16 years, Highgate Wood School. Interests: singing, writing, reading.
‘I would love to help people that are less fortunate than myself. I believe that the exchange will prepare me better for my future.’
Talyena Devitt, age 16 years, St David and St Katherine’s school. Interests: dancing, clubbing, community service.
‘I would like to experience the culture of Brazil and make a difference in the lives of the people I meet. I would like to know exactly what Brazilians want.’
Merley Okine, age 18 years, Warlingham School. Interests: painting, reading, socialising, my friends.